Weather your looking to unleash the power potential of your engine or just give it an all-important boost in fuel economy, we here at DRT automotive are able to help, using the latest technology we can provide full diesel tuning on car, van, hgv and agri vehicles;

  • Increased Power Gains
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • EGR Solutions
  • DPF Solutions
  • AD-Blue Solutions

Everything from a simple switch panel right up to full custom wiring looms, we here at DRT automotive have the answer. All of the parts we use for wiring jobs are of the highest quality which helps to give you piece of mind that all of your electrical gremlins are gone for good!


Starting with something as simple as one of our custom hydraulic handbrake brackets right up to a full tube frame front end or even a custom jacking point we have the equipment and the knowledge to get the job done right.


With years of experience in various motorsports ranging from autograss, drifting, oval and circuit, we understand the attention to detail and effort it takes to make a car preform to its best.

So weather it’s just fitting the new parts you’ve purchased or working with you imagine and build your dream car, it’s our goal to get the job done right and within your budget.


Here at DRT automotive we believe the only limit should be your imagination, with hundreds of various engine conversions under our belts from the mild to extremely wild we know what it takes to make your dreams become reality.


Everything from power runs, fault finding and tuning, our 2wd rolling road is an essential tool in any workshop,

As many people know most misfires only occur under load, using our steady state rolling road we can create load at any rpm to help find your problem at a very reasonable hourly rate.

So if it’s a power run, health check or tuning DRT automotive is the place for you!